Morromar THe Home Collection

Who we are

Luminous and spacious apartments.

Relax vacations in dreamy surroundings. In Morromar THe Home Collection, we welcome you with wide arms open.  Our three-star-complex features spacious and luminous apartments in the volcano island, Lanzarote. Inspired in its design by the typical architecture of Lanzarote, the complex disposes of two pools, a restaurant-buffet (*), a pool-bar (*) and a Night-bar (*), as well as several multifunctional sport courts and a gym. Furthermore, we offer entertainment, sports, leisure and relaxation activities for all family members to enjoy an incredible experience in unique surroundings.

Morromar THe Home Collection is is located a few kilometers from the city center and just five minutes walking from the Matagorda Beach, a familiar beach of golden sand which is ideal for pleasant strolls. Lanzarote is also the ideal place for the practice of water sports thanks to its optimum climatological conditions.

(*) Suspended until further notice.

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Always yes, always one step ahead. We adapt to every client and every moment.

Innovation and eco-efficiency are the guide to ensure your health during your stay, while we take care of our planet.

We participate actively in the community we live in. We are committed to the environment, the history and the culture.

Quality makes the difference. Therefore, offering a quality service is our permanent challenge and our commitment.

We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our clients. Our most precious capital: qualified and committed professionals that are passionate at their work.

We are responsible for all our actions and decisions. We act on the basis of our ethical code and the social responsibility.